Sada Shortridge–CEO/Tour Coordinator

A lover of travel and international cultures, this wine lover is a Bay Area native and local attraction expert. Her passion for Organic “Green” living and desire to enhance tourism in her local community lead her to her studies in business and marketing and ultimately the creation of Cosmos Day Tours.

Scharonica Smith–Creative Director

Sharonica is an avid traveler with a family background in wine and beer industry. With her degree in Legal studies and management, she now has over 4 years of Management Level experience. She wants to share her Love of people and desire to make all feel welcome & excited to tour Napa.


Caprisha Rhett–Driver for our Fun & Unique Tours

Her passion for the attentive role and safety awareness required of good drivers is well-balanced with a spirit of poised gregariousness and ability to smile and have fun effortlessly. She is a true expert and we are so glad to have her on the Cosmos Day Tours team.




Edward Shortridge–CFO

He possesses years of knowledge and experience in organizational accounting, a profession many in his family have succeeded at. His approach of enjoying life in a way that keeps his priorities at the helm of his daily life is not something he deviates from. Although he is frugal there is no hesitation when he selects a good bottle of California wine to go with the perfect gourmet meal prepared at home by his wife of 40 plus years. He maintains a sincere commitment to seeing Cosmos Day Tours blossom as the first company of it’s kind in our local community. You may even be surprised to have him as your Chauffeur for the day.




Will Mason–Driver for Private Charter Events

A sincere gentleman who skillfully demonstrates the value of confident graciousness. He is the designated chauffeur for group events requiring Private Charter. Rest assured, his professionalism as a driver with thorough training and years of experience will set you at ease and allow you to just sit back, relax and enjoy your day and/OR evening of fun. A true delight to have on the Cosmos Day Tours team!






Jennifer Shortridge–Catering Consultant

She possesses many years of event planning and catering experience in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her friends and family would affectionately call her a true bon vivant! As a company we believe that California award-winning wine, is enhanced when enjoyed with ‘petit repas’ (french for small meal) and that is where she comes in. She looks forward to working with local caterers that share our sense of taste in cuisine, and promise to share these menu delights with you as you experience your wine tasting day tour.