Let our eco-conscience be your guide!

Well first off what does it mean to have an “eco-conscience”?

Personal Statement

As an individual, I demonstrate a desire to live in a way that doesn’t further damage the environment. I do believe that global warming is a real problem but do not have a defeatist attitude toward the plight of our ecological system. As a resident of an agricultural area, it beckons one to have more than a casual interest in how to improve what is already being implemented to correct the environmental issues societies current way of living is causing locally and even on a global scale.

Business Development

As we built the concept of this business we knew that the industry of transportation offered a huge opportunity to make a difference in carbon emissions emitted. Vehicles and trucks can harmfully impact and erode geographical locations as well as negatively impact the health and well-being of residents. One has only to watch the news and hear the medical statistics of our state(California) which is finally leading to legislative support enforcing the need for clean-air vehicles. We thoroughly researched geo, sustainable and agricultural tourism in an effort to implement business practices that hold regard for the environment at the core of our operation, so as not to make being green a clever way to capitalize on a ‘niche-market’.

Our Fleet

Most tours are enjoyed while riding our executive shuttle that has been converted to operate utilizing compressed natural gas. CNG is the cleanest burning transportation fuel available on the market today. It contains a much lower carbon content and significantly fewer pollutants than gasoline.










So as we drive along in the beautiful wine country we can confidently rest assured that we are not negatively impacting the local terroir. Our smaller vehicles although, they run on gasoline have Eco-Boost clean engine technology which is designed to have much less environmental damage as they can proudly boast fewer greenhouse emissions than standard engines. We hope to soon add a luxury vehicle to our fleet that can be as environmentally compatible as our other vehicles.











Our Venues

At the heart of our eagerness to bring tourist and locals alike, to wine country, is our love for sustainable farming. Most tour itineraries visit wineries and farms that have much stricter regulations and pay a lot to receive and maintain their organic certifications. Their efforts do not go unnoticed by us and we strongly believe the flavor and quality of the wines and food they produce are much superior to the non-organic competing varieties. Bio-dynamic farming is a true art in the agricultural arena and takes much skill and knowledge to accomplish. These wineries are going to expose our clients to a whole new world. It makes it easy to want to be more aware of ways to be greener once you have visited these properties and learned of their methods. We will enhance and back-up their wine education by explaining simple ways to green our personal lives and carbon footprints thereby having an “eco-conscience”.