How can I expect the day to go?
Each tour is unique and focuses on a specific area of the Napa region. We have provided detailed descriptions of each itinerary in the “Our Tours” section. Every tour is all-inclusive and for your convenience, we have structured wine tasting and tour fees, snacks, meals,and waters into the total ticket price. So as you enjoy your day tour, you only need to take out your wallet if you want to purchase your favorite wines or become a wine club member.

We provide pick-up and drop-off at Vallejo Transit and Ferry Terminals and several hotels in the cities of Vallejo,American Canyon,and Napa. Within 30 minutes of pick-up, you will visit the first winery. Each tour provides wine education along with production knowledge, you are sure to learn many interesting facts as you taste world-class wines. We help you see and taste wine country in a way that you can say you’ve “experienced” it as a guest and not a tourist.

What should I wear?
Be comfortable! Think of it as going to a restaurant. Some people chose to go casual and others chose to dress up. Both are acceptable. For the ladies, smaller bags such as cross body bags are much easier to handle than large purses which make it hard to taste wine while carrying.

What if I’ve never been wine tasting before?
Wine tasting is designed to be fun and relaxing, not serious and intimidating. So we have chosen wineries that are hospitable and friendly. Your personal wine tasting associate will explain how best to enjoy your tasting and will provide answers to any questions you have.

“I consider myself a wine expert, will I be challenged or learn anything new?”
Rest assured that no matter how extensive your wine knowledge is, you will receive some new and interesting facts about the winemaking process. The tour guides at each winery possess and share the latest industry facts as well as specific methods unique to their winery. Many of the wineries we visit farm by using sustainable and organic practices which they enthusiastically explain in easily understandable ways. You will learn something new that you can add to your wine education repertoire.

Is any preparation needed?
To maximize the enjoyment of your day we recommend being well rested and hydrated. We include all necessary information immediately after you have booked the tour of your choice.

Does Cosmos Day Tours only include organic and sustainable wineries?
Our signature tour “The Organic Trail” is all about being sustainable, so that itinerary is specific to sustainable and organic wineries. However, we don’t exclude non-organic wineries from our other tours. Many of them are working toward receiving organic certification.

Can I bring my own liquor or food?
Personal stowage is limited in each of our vehicles and reserved for merchandise purchase the day off. We ask that you not bring your own liquor as all tastings are scheduled and designed to make sure you maintain healthy and safe levels of responsible drinking. We provide snacks and meals on every tour and take into consideration and accommodate any diet restrictions and/or allergies.

How much wine will I be consuming?
Each winery offers 4-6 wines to taste, that are standardly 2 oz each. Most tours visit 2-3 wineries. So anywhere between 24-36 oz is typical. Keep in mind we provide food and water and travel time in between tastings to ensure a pleasant experience. Please taste at your comfort level and feel free to decline a pour at any point.

What if I’m a local and/or have already been to a wine tasting in Napa?
Cosmos Day Tours is a fun and welcoming wine country transportation company. We have designed our tours to appeal to and be enjoyed by newcomers and those that live in the area or that have already visited Napa. We take all the guesswork out of wine tasting. Once we pick you up you can sit back and relax and know that a unique day of wine and food awaits you. You will experience wine country in a pleasurable new way.

Do you offer tours and transportation for private parties or business client services?
We are happy to provide pre-scheduled chartering for local companies. We encourage any group or private client request and need only to receive advance notice. Reservations are open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST to assist with booking.